Calendar of conference presentations


You can see and meet us at the following conferences where we will present our results


I. Rychlik, “Microbiota in poultry”, March 28-29, 2022, 8th International Akademie Fresenius Feed Conference “EU Green Deal and Animal Nutrition Strategies – What comes next?”, Mainz, Germany


I. Rychlik, “Identifying the members of the chicken gut microbiota that can restrict Salmonella colonisation”, June 21-22, 2022,  5th Annual industry-leading conference on the Animal Microbiome, Boston, USA


I. Rychlik, “Is competitive exclusion a useful new technology?”, August 22-24, 2022, 33rd Poultry Symposium, Cambridge, UK


I. Rychlik, “Environmental impact on differential composition of gut microbiota in indoor chickens in commercial production and outdoor, backyard chickens”,  September 5– 8, 2022, 5th International Caparica Conference in Antibiotic Resistance 2022, Caparica, Portugal