Project title
 Gut microbiota with probiotic potential for animal health and welfare

Project Identification Number

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Czech Republic

Start of the project: 1.4.2018

End of the project: 31.12.2022

Budget: 36 737 265 CZK

Veterinary Research Institute, Brno, Czech Republic

doc. RNDr. Ivan Rychlík, Ph.D.



Ecological adaptations and consequences for selection of novel types of probiotics

In this review we reminded characteristics of chicken gut anaerobes and related them to the probiotic potential of individual gut microbiota members. By comparison of already published data we proposed  that bacterial species from the intestinal tract which exhibit any form of adaptation to aerobic environment (spore forming bacteria, aerotollerant or facultative anaerobes) are less […]

Novel probiotic products are tested under field conditions

After extended testing under laboratory conditions and contained environment of experimental animal houses we moved towards verification of probiotic efficacy under real field conditions. Key for the success is the administration of strictly anaerobic cultures. This is why we test different approaches like administration via drinking water, fermented feer or spraying in hatcharies.