Salmonella group at the VRI Brno is interested in structure and function of farm animal microbiota. Basic information on gut microbiota for broadest non-professional public can be found here. If you are professional in poultry production, the most important facts on chicken gut microbiota can be found here. And you work in research or academy, next level of information on chicken gut microbiota for your consideration can be found here.

Chickens and their microbiota represent the main target of our interest followed by pigs and their microbiota. For correct understanding of structure and function of gut microbiota we perform also comparative studied using samples from other animal species including humans.  This is why we analysed and compared gut microbiota of chickens, pigs, humans, cattle, horses, mice, dogs and even penguins from Antarctica. Identification of taxa present in a broad range of different hosts or host-adapted species helps in understanding spread and function of individual gut microbiota members. Excel file with data used for the figures below can be viewed here. Playing with this file will enable you to understand which genera are specific for particular host, or which genera dominate in one host but represent minority in another. Have a look and understand it yourselves, in your way of thinking.

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