Here you can BLAST our genomes. After pasting your sequences in fasta format you will get information on their presence in genome of our strains characterised by whole genome sequencing. Positive hits can be further identified in the ListOfStrains file. There are more strains in the ListOfStrains file since some of our isolates were characterised only by MALDI Biotyper or sequencing of 16S rRNA gene and not by whole genome sequencing. If you are unable to identify the strain of your interest, you can contact us at email shown at the main page of this web site. List of bacteria  genome of which form the BLAST database arranged according to their taxonomic classification including their basic characteristics (taxonomic classification, 16S rRNA gene sequence, genomic GC content and whole genome size can be found in this file.

NonRedundant_VRI_genomes contains 509 genomes of bacteria. Each taxon is introduced by species name followed by strain identification followed by percentage similarity of mentioned taxon using 16S rRNA gene sequence. Following sign “#”, additional technical information from the sequencing can be deduced. 509 bacteria clustered according to the similarity of their 16S rRNA genes, whose genomes form the BLAST database, can be viewed here, either in rectangular or circular version of dendrogram. Although the BLAST database is not too complex, the main difference and advantage from other BLAST servers is that in the case of positive hits, strains forming the database are available in laboratory collection. In addition, these strains originate exclusively from the farm animal production.