New paper on metabolism of selected anaerobes in the chicken caecum

A new paper on the metabolism of 20 anaerobic bacteria in the caecum of chickens has been published in June 2024. Different species of genus Bacteroides degraded (poly)saccharides. Bacteroides mediterraneensis also expressed type VI secrection system which is used by bacteria for inactivation of competing bacterial species in mixed microbial populations. E. coli or Succinatimonas laso preferred carbohydrate fermentation and the same was true also for Bifidobacterium although carbohydrate fermentation followed a pathways slightly different from reference glycolysis. Megamonas hypermegale and Megamonas funiformis were less dependent on carbohydrate ferementation than previous bacterial species and Megamonas complemented their carbohydrate metabolism by aminoacid degradation. Campylobacter, Sutterella and Phascolarctobacterium degraded aminoacids nearly exclusively with minimal dependence on carbohydrates. Campylobacter expressed flagellar proteins and was therefore motile when colonising chicken caecum. This information can be used for desigh of specific probiotic mixtures competing with particular pathogens not only in the intestinal tract of chickens byt also other farm animals or humans.

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