Catalogue of gut microbiota

We gradually culture and characterise bacteria from environment of farm animal production. For quick overview of already available strains, click for ListOfStrains. Bacterial isolates shown in this catalogue are taxonomically classified based on similarity of 16S rRNA sequence only. Specification of species classification may therefore mean 100% identity as well as only 88% similarity. In the latter case, the classification is likely to be developed in a future. Since we do not want to present misleading information, we remind this fact. This is also a reason why 16S rRNA is given at each bacterial isolate introduction. Visitors of the web page are thus invited to check for updated taxonomy by submitting the sequence into current appropriate database. If 16S rRNA sequence is absent, such isolate was identified by MALDI Biotyper only.

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Anaerotignum (Clostridium) lactatifermentans An75