New probiotic product QuoCNA

On April 2, 2024, we received decision from the Institute for State Control of Veterinary Biologicals and Medicines which permits free distribution of new probiotic product QuoCNA in the Czech Republic.

Product QuoCNA is based on results of own research in the area of gut microbiota of chickens lasting for more than 10 years. Product consists of 9 strict anaerobes which originate and efficiently colonise chicken caecum (for composition see package leaflet in Czech language). QuoCNA is intended for rapid and safe colonisation of the caecum of both meat and egg lines chickens, of newly hatched chicks in particular. Considering gut microbiology, the product replaces contact of chicks with adult hen which is interrupted when hatching in hatcheries. Administration of QuoCNA results in the development of natural gut microbiota in newly hatched chickens which would happened if the chicks were hatched in nests and remained in contact with adult hen and whole flock. Such colonisation is known to lead to suppression of gut colonisation with enteric pathognes like Salmonella. QuoCNA can be used also for the restoration of gut microbiota in older age categories of chickens, e.g. after antibiotic therapy. Performance of QuoCNA is similar to the competitive exclusion products from which it differs by the fact that its compostion is clearly defined. We have shown that administration of QuoCNA decreases abundance of pathogenic E. coli in intestinal tract and unpublished data show that it increases chicken resistance to Salmonella infection by a factor of 50.

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