New paper on microbiota of chickens and their environment – review in Avian Diseases, January 2023

A new review paper from our production has been accepted for publication in the Avian Diseases. This review introduces bacterial flora in different chicken organs  as well as in their environment. As is the case in our reviews, we have decided for less standard and rather challenging review in which we mention alternative views and challenging associations. The challenging approach is not a purpose for itself. Instead, reason for such style is to force readers to think, to agree (better possibility) or to disagree, to get readers out of their daily comfort of routine way of thinking. One example of alternative idea presented in the review is the information that E. coli is not a species adapted to intestinal tract. Instead, E. coli dominates in chicken environment from where it enters intestinal tract. There are more alternative ideas in this review. If you are ready to think differently, find the original paper here.

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